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BAKLAVA– flakey, studded with hand-chopped chunky walnuts and only lightly sweetened- is our main product.

On a seasonal basis and on request, we prepare many other items, including:

birma  (baklava fingers), individual and boxes

kunafa, a fine filo vermicelli pastry with melted sweet cheese core and fresh pomegranate topping.

savories; zaatar&cheese fingers, muhammara (red pepper and walnut and pomegranate syrup)& cheese fingers, savory black sesame seed, cumin

syrian biscottis: date-stuffed (mamool), walnut-stuffed (karabij), sesame cashew, anise-sesame

flavored baklavas; cardamum, pure maple syrup, honey, pistachio, orange blossom, or mahlab

hot and cold beverages
-mirr espresso-like coffee (boiled into a thick, sugarless, syrup and drunk in thimblefuls) or pomegranate seltzer.


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